On-Demand Webinar – The Precision Medicine Solution


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On-Demand Webinar – The Precision Medicine Solution

Future of Genomics

The concept of precision medicine is beautifully simple: deliver the right treatment, every time, to the right patient. Making that concept a reality is more complex. Precision medicine is, after all, an entirely new approach to clinical medicine that leverages the power of big data and genomics to transform healthcare.

In a new on-demand webinar, Future of Genomics: The Precision Medicine Solution, our expert panel discusses how Aeon Global Health, the fastest growing clinical lab and healthcare services organization in the United States, partnered with QIAGEN to adopt an end-to-end automation solution that sped up their diagnostic output while lowering costs.

In 2013, when Aeon Global Health entered the hereditary cancer screening market, they knew that automation was critical to success. Together, QIAGEN Bioinformatics and Intel created a solution. By combining QIAGEN’s unparalleled expertise in genomics with Intel’s cutting-edge healthcare technology, the two companies enabled Aeon to provide faster, more comprehensive clinical insights than human cognition alone could permit. Today, one clinical geneticist at Aeon can process up to 50 tests per day.

Instead of taking weeks or months to make sense of a patient’s unique genetic profile, Aeon can now extract insights from colossal amounts of data in only a few minutes. And it’s not just the increase in efficiency that deserves attention. By partnering with Intel, QIAGEN has created an end-to-end solution that provides all workflow components, from analysis to interpretation to reporting, without having to hire hundreds of clinical geneticists and molecular pathologists, who would have to read reports and complete literature searches by hand. Clinical diagnostic test results are delivered quickly, accurately, and at a much lower cost.

As the amount of medical and biological data involved in medical diagnostics increases, so will the need for systems that help researchers, doctors and patients make sense of it. There are few medical advances as promising as precision medicine, and QIAGEN’s AI-based diagnostic tools—powered by Intel’s Scalable Solution Framework—are leading the way.

Join speakers Dr. Shawn Desai, Chief Technology Officer of Aeon Global Health, Dr. Ramon Felciano, Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of Strategy of QIAGEN Bioinformatics, and Kristina Kermanshahche, Global Director of Life Sciences at Intel Corporation, as they discuss how Aeon selected this powerful genomics solution and how you can build upon Aeon’s experience and accelerate your own path to success.

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