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QIAGEN Digital Insights is the leading provider of genomic and clinical knowledge, analysis and interpretation tools and bioinformatics products for scientists and clinicians.

Unlock the secrets of ‘omics data for better outcomes

QIAGEN is the recognized leader in bioinformatics solutions. We bring forth a track record of over 20 years and bioinformatics products built from best-in-class bioinformatics companies, with a deep customer base and market knowledge. Our ‘omics tools and bioinformatics products offer depth and breadth of content, knowledge-driven analytics and complete Sample to Insight workflows.

Learn more about our bioinformatics products and offerings:

Discovery Insights Portfolio

Build on the knowledge of millions to unlock new scientific discoveries

Modules and Plugins

Feature-rich extensions to meet your specific analysis needs.

Clinical Insights Portfolio

Empower clinical genomics labs with trusted insights for precision medicine

Knowledge and Databases

Empower discoveries with our expansive collection of manually curated, high-quality and accurate biological and clinical data

QIAseq Panels

Trusted and quality NGS library preparation and sequencing

QIAGEN Digital Insights Services

Accelerate your success with QIAGEN Digital Insights products combined with access to over 250+ industry experts