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NGS Data Analysis and Pipeline Management

Overcome NGS and 'omics data analysis challenges with our user-friendly and comprehensive bioinformatics software solutions, including pipeline management tools and data management services.

Enterprise solutions that enable entire institutions to scale NGS data analysis to any size.

Our pipeline management tools and data management solutions enable comprehensive NGS data analysis, including de novo assembly of whole genomes and transcriptomes, resequencing analysis (WGS, WES and targeted panel support), variant calling, RNA-seq, ChIP-seq and DNA methylation (bisulfite sequencing analysis). We enable scaling to any size, and offer enterprise solutions so entire institutions can access the same data and use the same software.

Pipeline management tools and data management solutions:

  • Workflow and data management 
  • Structure and compare your data to public data
  • Scale your research
  • Cloud solutions

Pipeline management tools and data management applications:

Workflow and data management

QIAGEN CLC Genomics Workbench allows you to access a wide range of biomedical workflows with reference sets for human, mouse and rat genomics, and hereditary disease and somatic mutation detection workflows. These workflows enable sensitive detection of SNPs, MNVs, InDels, tandem repeats, structural variants, fusion genes and CNVs.

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Structure and compare data

With QIAGEN OmicSoft Studio and Lands you can deploy high-quality workflows to analyze your data. This data can then easily be shared with biologists and other staff to visualize and compare against previous experiments and our curated set of over 500,000 samples in a variety of disease and ‘omics areas.

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Scale your research

QIAGEN Digital Insights has two solutions to help you scale your NGS analysis and research. QIAGEN CLC Genomics Server allows you to run your workflows on a centralized server or HPC.

QIAGEN OmicSoft Server Data provides secure, hybrid cloud/on-premises options, with flexible sample metadata management, centralized and flexible access control and more.

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Cloud solutions

QIAGEN CLC Genomics Cloud Engine brings the power of the QIAGEN CLC Genomics Workbench to your data stored in Amazon S3.  This allows you to build your data workflows locally and then deploy them to the cloud, and work as you want in the cloud without incurring high data-transfer costs.

OmicSoft Server Cloud offers seamless integration of Amazon cloud computing and storage. It manages the complete NGS analysis resource lifecycle for your cloud-based data, with results delivered as full OmicSoft Suite projects and streaming data from S3.

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Analysis and Visualization

Analyze NGS and 'omics data from Sample to Insight using our highly visual and specialized tools for data normalization, quality control, read mapping, gene expression and more

Content and Exploration Databases

Generate insights from complex 'omics data and deepen your understanding of the biological mechanisms hidden in your experiments

Enterprise NGS Solutions

Scale your NGS: From single-user to enterprise-friendly data analysis, our NGS enterprise solutions are scalable and support multiple users in an intuitive way