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Whole-exome sequencing (WES) using next-generation sequencing (NGS) technology is a powerful tool for investigating variants linked to genetic disease. It provides a high-resolution, unbiased view across the entire exome to discover causative variants of inherited disorders. However, the vast amounts of data produced by WES require comprehensive data analysis tools that can efficiently translate the raw sequencing data into meaningful, interpretable results. To address these challenges, QIAGEN Digital Insights offers QCI Interpret Translational.

QCI Interpret Translational

QCI Interpret Translational is a NGS variant assessment software solution that enables rapid, evidence-powered variant annotation, filtering, and triage for human exome, genome, and large cohort sequencing data.

Leveraging the QIAGEN Knowledge Base, the industry’s largest collection of biological and clinical findings, QCI Interpret Translational improves research efficiency and accuracy by automating manual curation processes, dynamically and transparently assessing variants according to society guidelines with full user-control, allowing users to focus on what matters most: transforming genomic data into publishable insights.

On-Demand Webinar
Analyzing molecular mechanisms of tumors in a uLMS patient - A unique case study

Join Rockefeller University and Danbury Hospital as they present a unique case study of a treatment-naive patient with aggressive metastatic uLMS who has experienced long-term survival. Using whole-exome sequencing, five tumors were analyzed with QCI Interpret Translational to identify mechanisms of uLMS tumor growth and metastasis in this patient.

Why QCI Interpret Translational

Eliminate manual curation

Connected to the QIAGEN Knowledge Base, QCI Interpret Translational brings all the information needed for variant assessment together in one location.

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Accelerate variant filtering

Leveraging powerful algorithms and trusted content, QCI Interpret Translational applies proprietary filters to rapidly identify potential causal variants within minutes.

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Retain full user-control

Unlike other software, QCI Interpret Translational computes assessments with full transparency, giving users control over parameters, policies, and output.

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Eliminate manual curation

QCI Interpret Translational rapidly identifies the most compelling disease variants in human sequencing data by combining powerful analytical tools and unparalleled content from the QIAGEN Knowledge Base.

The QIAGEN Knowledge Base is the industry’s largest collection of biological and clinical findings, with roughly 2,000,000 unique variants expertly curated from over 300,000 scientific articles, including 140,000 variants connected to the top 200 newborn/carrier screening genes.

Learn more about the QIAGEN Knowledge Base here.

Accelerate variant filtering

Proprietary Interactive Filter Cascade

QCI Interpret Translational compiles all gene variants within a dataset and enables this list to be quickly narrowed down through an interactive series of filters. This Interactive Filter Cascade can be adopted to reflect selection criteria of interest and their importance to the research question at hand.

New video tutorial available

See the Interactive Filter Cascade in action. Watch a video tutorial to learn how to use QCI Interpret Translational.

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Integrated features for rapid variant annotation, filtering and triage

QCI Interpret Translational offers a comprehensive workflow for efficient, evidence-powered variant assessment. 

Sample Management

Upload and organize sample data files based on specific projects or by pipeline, and annotate files with detailed descriptions for easy tracking. 

Virtual Gene Panels

Create and rapidly compare evidence-based virtual gene panels.

Variant Filter Builder

Access 4 different filters to triage variants with granular control:

  • Confidence Filter (industry-wide)
  • Common Variants Filter (industry-wide)
  • Predictive Deleterious Filter (pre-computed ACMG classifications; pathogenic vs. non-pathogenic)
  • Genetic Analysis Filter (include/exclude specific genotypes)
  • Biological Context Filter (exclusive to QIAGEN)

Familial Variant Analysis

Perform family-based variant filtering by comparing different modes of inheritance to identify inherited and de novo variants.

Dynamic Variant Assessment

Pre-classify variants using weighted evidence according to the ACMG five-tier classification system to determine variant pathogenicity and actionability. 

Variant Export

Export annotated variants that passed each stage of the filtering cascade to review annotations, document test results, or analyze the data outside of QCI Interpret Translational.

Retain full user-control

QCI Interpret Translational performs all computations with total transparency and traceability and gives users full-control over filter criteria, parameters, and variant assessments. 

Transparent Traceability 

Easily view how and why a variant was classified with the ability to change final assessments depending on your experience and judgment. 

Bibliographic Reference Citations

Receive clickable hyperlinks to the direct source material considered and/or used during variant assessment.

Video eCase Study

Identification of Putative Functional Variants in Claudin-Low Breast Cancer Cell Lines with QCI Interpret Translational

This case study outlines a filtering strategy to identify true, rare, homozygous variants in claudin-low cell lines for functional follow-up in the lab.  The video showcases an analysis workflow to search for putatively functional variants in claudin-low breast cancer cell lines by comparing them to luminal breast cancer cell lines using QCI Interpret Translational.

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