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QIAGEN OmicSoft NGS Data Analysis

Powerful cloud-enabled ‘omics GUI, complete NGS analysis workflows and unparalleled curated content for immediate exploration

Quickly explore and compare over 500,000 curated samples

QIAGEN OmicSoft is a powerful NGS analysis suite offering cloud support with project and data management, combined with the ability to quickly explore and compare across over 500,000 curated ‘omics samples from disease-related studies. Used in nearly all stages of drug development, QIAGEN OmicSoft Suite offers a range of NGS-focused tools for the analysis, visualization and sharing of results.  QIAGEN OmicSoft Suite enables users to perform full ‘omics analysis through the interface, and deploy analysis pipelines for scalable analysis. Perform NGS and array analysis workflows for expression (RNA-seq, scRNA-seq, miRNA-seq, expression microarray and RT-PCR), DNA-seq/SNP arrays (CNV, exon arrays, SNP analysis and GWAS) as well as statistical analyses including DEseq2, general linear models, and gene set analysis. This intuitive solution offers feature-rich GUI-based visualization and interpretation tools to enable bioinformaticians and biologists to collaborate on research projects.


QIAGEN OmicSoft has data analysis and visualization tools for:

  • Biomarker and target discovery
  • Analysis and visualization of complex data
  • Data storage and management
  • Enterprise solutions 
  • Single-cell genomics (scRNA-seq)
  • Mining public and private data

Accelerate insightful discoveries with QIAGEN OmicSoft Suite

  • Flexible analysis workflows, with hundreds of built-in tools and customizable pipelines
  • Over 100 visualizations for your ‘omics data
  • Support for AWS Cloud analysis and LSF/PBS/SGE clusters
  • Integrated solution for managing and mining large ‘omics data

Curated content – context that drives discovery and validation

QIAGEN OmicSoft Lands bring over 500,000 curated biological samples focused on disease-relevant data: 28 content databases, 16 ‘omics datatypes, highly curated metadata and over 50,000 statistical comparisons. Imagine what you could do with such data at your fingertips.  All expression samples have been reprocessed from raw data using a unified pipeline, and have been quality controlled to ensure reliable data consistency. Metadata have been refined using controlled vocabularies and consistent naming patterns, so you can reliably find and compare data.  Our team of curators does the heavy lifting, which allows you to make in-depth exploration and comparisons between and among datasets.

Solutions within the QIAGEN OmicSoft portfolio:

Biomarker and target discovery
  • Explore ‘omics data from thousands of curated studies and home-in on candidate genes to reveal patterns of expression across tissues, disease and treatment conditions.
  • Use our sophisticated yet intuitive genome browser to analyze underlying RNA-seq data to reveal specific transcripts differentially expressed in a particular disease state.
  • Compare survival curves to identify candidate biomarkers representative of disease or population segments for further validation.
  • Quickly find genes that have been down- or up-regulated in a disease state to identify potential biomarkers for a disease or disease process. Use heatmaps to evaluate gene expression signatures against clinical metadata, or to determine which datasets reveal differential expression of your favorite set of genes.

Featured products:

Data storage and management
  • Deploy high-quality workflows that not only allow you to analyze your data but also quickly transfer and share it with biologists and other colleagues. Quickly fetch data from our curated set of over 500,000 samples in a variety of diseases and ‘omics areas for rapid visualization and comparison against your data.
  • Scale your research with QIAGEN OmicSoft’s secure, hybrid cloud/on-premises options, with flexible sample metadata management and centralized, flexible access control. Directly launch your pipelines with built-in functions, including support for Docker images.
  • Organize internal ‘omics results to be explored by colleagues, and display side-by-side with curated public data.

Featured products:

Analysis and visualization of complex data
  • QIAGEN OmicSoft solutions have integrated visualization software that helps researchers easily explore high-quality public and private ‘omics datasets to discover novel connections between multi-omics data and clinical metadata.
  • Utilize full and automated NGS and ‘omics data analysis pipelines, and over 100 advanced visualizations, an integrated genome browser and integration with third-party tools.
  • Generate and export results and visualizations through user interface or by scripted analysis and automation.

Featured products:

Enterprise solutions
  • QIAGEN OmicSoft offers a powerful server-based data management and analysis that, harnessing the power of your server/HPC/cloud compute resources. Accelerate analyses with parallelization, manage ‘omics data and projects and share projects.
  • Harness the power of QIAGEN OmicSoft Lands to manage your valuable proprietary ‘omics data, enabling easy and powerful analytics for your organization. Display your internal data side-by-side with curated OmicSoft Land data to validate results.
  • Our cloud solution offers seamless integration of Amazon cloud computing and storage with OmicSoft Server. It also manages full NGS analysis resource lifecycle for your cloud-based data, with results delivered as full OmicSoft Suite projects and streaming data from S3. Expand data analysis capabilities with support for Docker technology.
Featured products:
Single-cell genomics (scRNA-seq)
  • Discover subtle differences in gene expression among individual cells by importing and processing single-cell experiments, starting with raw FASTQ or quantification data using a single-cell RNA-seq pipeline. Harness the power of the project sharing feature to analyze and annotate cell clusters collaboratively.
  • Integrate single-cell ‘omics datasets from different platforms to reveal unique patterns in a specific cancer cell type or a subset.

Featured products:

Mining public and private data
  • QIAGEN OmicSoft’s platform provides access to over 500,000 reprocessed ‘omics samples with structured metadata in a platform designed for mining to discover new targets and biomarkers.
  • Insert your own proprietary data to gain a full view of the biological phenomena at work.
  • Query through the user interface or API to drive new discoveries.

Featured products:

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