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Generate insights from complex 'omics data and deepen your understanding of the biological mechanisms hidden in your experiments. Generate hypotheses that will lead you to new discoveries and advance your research.

Accelerate your research with solutions that turn data to insight

Make new discoveries, gain unexpected insights or confirm your results using our range of highly visual solutions for ‘omics analysis and interpretation. Explore metadata, compare differential expression patterns and compare biological mechanisms across multiple datasets.

Learn more about our solutions for content exploration and databases:

QIAGEN Knowledge Base

A comprehensive database of public and proprietary biological information


Insightful data analysis and interpretation to understand your experimental results within the context of biological systems

QIAGEN OmicSoft Land Explorer

Identify and explore contextual data in seconds, featuring an extensive collection of highly curated ‘omics data

QIAGEN OmicSoft DiseaseLand

Explore datasets of common genetic disease including but not limited to immunological diseases, neurological disorders, metabolic diseases and cardiovascular diseases

QIAGEN OmicSoft OncoLand

An oncology database with integrated visualization software that helps cancer researchers easily explore high-quality public and private cancer genomics datasets

QIAGEN OmicSoft Single Cell Land

A solution that makes single-cell RNA-seq data analysis (scRNA-seq) easy while delivering deep and novel insights

QIAGEN OmicSoft GeneticsLand

An all-in-one solution for storage, analysis and visualization of genetic data and results