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Welcome to the OmicSoft Onboarding portal.

Start here for quick info to help you get started with the key capabilities, but don't hesitate to reach out to ts-bioinformatics@qiagen.com for help.

OmicSoft Suite provides powerful bioinformatics workflows and visualizations, and access to a massive collection of deeply-curated disease and oncology omics data sets.

Quick navigation tabs at the top of the page provide information targeted for New users, Power users, Developers and License Administrators.

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New users
Use OmicSoft to quickly look up gene expression patterns across disease and normal tissue, or visualize pre-analyzed internal data in OmicSoft Studio.

Power users
Use OmicSoft Studio's advanced analysis and visualizations for internal and public data exploration, for their work and to support biologists.

Data Scientist
Use OmicSoft's curated Lands datasets exported as flat files or via APIs, and interact with OmicSoft Server using custom scripts and pipelines.

Manage access for new users, and coordinate custom end-user trainings with QIAGEN.

Getting started

Getting started with OmicSoft

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