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Reimagine your products and services

The QIAGEN Digital Insights Partner Program provides the opportunity to accelerate the time to market for your products and services by integrating QIAGEN’s market-leading bioinformatics and knowledge

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Partner opportunities

QAIGEN Digital Insights (QDI) has an open partner strategy. We are actively partnering worldwide in a wide range of flexible partnerships. Partner opportunities include:

  • Resell – Bundle your products and offer QDI products as part of your complete solution

  • Co-sell – Team up with our sales team to jointly  approach prospects and deliver end-to-end solutions

  • Distribute – Support local customers, and rapidly acquire and purchase products from QIAGEN

  • OEM/White label – Extend and market your products using product capabilities and knowledge powered by QDI

  • Joint ventures – Combine your products and resources with QIAGEN’s to jointly offer novel solutions to the market

Current partners

More compelling solutions

Fill gaps in products and bioinformatics services with QDI’s industry leading software, knowledge bases and APIs for discovery and clinical applications.

  • Deliver digital insights to your products
    • Secondary analysis and pathway analysis
    • Genomic interpretation
    • Supporting experimental evidence
  • Integrate products
  • Leverage the QIAGEN Knowledge Base
    • Drive artificial intelligence (AI) products and services
    • Enrich product analysis and reporting
    • Offer advanced knowledge-driven services
  • Bundle your solutions with QIAGEN’s products
    • Deliver your content and products within our offerings 
    • Combine and offer our products with your own for more compelling solutions

Accelerate time to market

Integrate or bundle proven and comprehensive products and genomic knowledge into existing workflows and service offerings.

  • Leverage proven software that is used by 90,000 users worldwide
  • Access tried and tested APIs for rapid product and content integration
  • Benefit from over 20 years of high-quality, curated knowledge
  • Access the power of over 200 Ph.D. experts in biological interpretation
  • Address specific markets through established infrastructure and regulation

Improve market adoption

Remove bioinformatics barriers to adoption and scaling with QIAGEN’s established content applications and services worldwide.

  • Improve the value of your products with better insights and outcomes
  • Fill gaps in your analysis and interpretation workflows with proven and trusted software
  • Allow your customers to do more by reducing time spent on research and analysis
  • Improve your offerings compared to competition

“With the increasing accessibility and affordability of genetic experimentation and testing, researchers and clinicians are facing a tsunami of genetic information for analysis and interpretation from diverse chemistries and instruments. To help ease these challenges, QIAGEN Digital Insights has assembled the world’s leading high-quality genomics knowledge base. Recognizing the complex challenges our industry faces, we are open to collaborative partnerships to better serve our customers.”

-Jonathan Sheldon,
Senior Vice President of QIAGEN Digital Insights

Interested in learning more?​

Contact QIAGEN’s business development team to share ideas and explore mutual partner opportunities.