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Research and Discovery

Powerful digital insights to help you innovate, integrate and translate scientific results into impactful discoveries

The insights you need to drive discovery

From data analysis to databases, from gene expression to genome assembly, from interpretation to integration – QIAGEN Digital Insights has the breadth and quality of solutions you need to drive meaningful insights and new discoveries. 

Research and Discovery Applications:

Biomarker and Target Discovery

Rapidly identify the best biomarker and target candidates based on the biological characteristics most relevant to your discovery research

Single-cell Genomics

Explore our powerful solutions for the analysis and interpretation of single-cell genomics

Gene Regulation

Analyze and interpret data from experiments that help reveal more about gene regulation, from bisulfite-sequencing to transcription factor ChIP-seq


Tools and workflows for microbiome analysis, isolate characterization, functional metagenomics and resistance identification

Data and pipeline management

Overcome NGS and 'omics data analysis challenges with our user-friendly and comprehensive bioinformatics software solutions

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