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Explore curated disease datasets with powerful 'omics data visualization

QIAGEN OmicSoft DiseaseLand is a disease database that accelerates biomarker and drug target discovery by providing access to a continually growing collection of thousands of highly-curated disease-relevant ‘omics experiments, including immunological, neurological, metabolic and cardiovascular disorders, with a particular focus on expression studies.

Discover and validate new biomarkers and drug targets

OmicSoft DiseaseLand disease database provides access to thousands of high-quality, curated disease datasets in multiple disease areas covering over 1500 clinical measures, including disease, tissue, treatment, survival and demographics. The integration of otherwise non-comparable data is made possible via the enhanced curation methods QIAGEN OmicSoft implements, which enable the accurate comparison of otherwise disparate data. OmicSoft DiseaseLand disease database and ‘omics data visualization software is the tool of choice for performing biomarker and target discovery. It allows you to combine information from multiple studies to create a unified picture of biomarkers and disease signatures, and lets you prioritize drug targets and compounds to provide a robust and insightful understanding of complex diseases.

‘Omics data visualization for thousands of disease datasets

Powerful ‘omics data visualization helps you quickly find disease-relevant studies for your gene of interest, understand expression levels of a single gene or multiple genes across different diseases and reveal gene signatures. Generate hypotheses by mining disease datasets for tissues, diseases and treatments of interest, then combining, slicing and dicing disease datasets to reveal ‘omics data visualization patterns that correspond to clinical parameters, and find known compounds and treatments that affect your targets. Every project is expertly curated using an extensive set of controlled vocabularies to make the data FAIR (findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable), accelerating your discovery of the most relevant studies. Save valuable time and resources while empowering focused research by using the DiseaseLand disease database of high-quality, expert-curated, disease-focused ‘omics datasets.

The number of distinct diseases by therapeutic area in DiseaseLand.

Disease-focused data, analytics and visualizations

Used in nearly all stages of drug development (from discovery to preclinical and clinical research), QIAGEN OmicSoft DiseaseLand disease database encompasses multi-omics data, while providing a standardized pipeline for incorporation of data, with controlled vocabularies for associated information.

  • Broad support for genomic data types and thousands of curated and quality-controlled public disease-focused genome datasets
  • Powerful visualization and analytics to compare and correlate within and across datasets
  • Internal “Land” next-generation database technology provides very fast access to a large number of genomic disease datasets

Focus on downstream research

No need to reinvent the wheel: QIAGEN’s bioinformatics team spends thousands of computing, curation and download hours each year to keep up with rapidly growing disease-focused genomics data so you don’t have to. By using our pre-curated datasets and powerful analytics, you can:

  • Quickly identify high-quality, well-curated, publicly available disease-focused datasets
  • Find modulation of targets with known compounds and treatments
  • Organize your datasets for compliance with pharma industry data standards
  • Save valuable time and resources, while empowering focused research

“QIAGEN OmicSoft Lands save me a lot of time – rather than find, download, process and annotate individual data sets, I focus on testing hypotheses and exploring the data right away.”

-Dr. Arthur Liberzon, Bioinformatician, Alkermes, Inc.


  • Quality-controlled data from GEO, ArrayExpress, SRA, LINCS, ENA, ImmGen and more
    • Careful metadata curation with controlled vocabulary
    • Reprocessed and normalized expression data
    • Over 1500 clinical measures: Disease, tissue, treatment, survival, demographics
  • Thousands of recalculated statistical comparisons
  • Microarray, RNA-seq, miRNA, methylation

Flexible API access for complex multi-omics queries

If you are a data scientist focused on ‘omics analysis, you’re probably consumed by maintaining your data lake and structuring the specific data you need. You may be frustrated by the gaps and inconsistencies in dataset metadata that cause your queries to return misleading results that could negatively impact your research.

With API access to QIAGEN OmicSoft data, you no longer must find, ingest and maintain databases that contain aggregations of public ‘omics data riddled with inconsistencies. Instead, you’ll be empowered to get right to the data analysis with queries of small or huge data slices from our unified ‘omics database. Our rigorous metadata curation approach combined with API access to structured and integrated ‘omics data allows you to perform large and complex cross-database, multi-omics queries. We also offer flat file options for ingesting the data into your own database or through our GUI designed for ‘omics visualization.

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