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Discovery Insights Portfolio

Build on the knowledge of millions to unlock new scientific discoveries. With over 20 million findings and more than 500,000 samples, our powerful bioinformatics tools and applications for data analysis, visualization and interpretation help drive quicker and deeper insights to set you on the right path toward research discoveries.

Life science researchers and bioinformaticians

Gain immediate access to thousands of disease-related ‘omics projects, with robust, interactive and customizable visualizations.

The QIAGEN Discovery Insights Portfolio of bioinformatics tools and applications provides a variety of tools to enhance your research and visualize your discoveries.

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  • Analysis and Visualization
  • Content Exploration and Databases
  • Enterprise NGS Solutions

Analysis and Visualization

QIAGEN CLC Main Workbench

DNA, RNA and protein sequence data analysis, supporting applications such as gene expression analysis, primer design, molecular cloning, phylogenetic analyses and sequence data management

QIAGEN CLC Genomics Workbench

Analyze your NGS data without the need for bioinformatics expertise using this end-to-end tool enabling integration of all data types and workflows

QIAGEN CLC Genomics Workbench Premium

Acess all the bioinformatics tools you need to power your research involving metagenomics, microbiome profiling, pathogen typing, genome-based outbreak or single-cell analysis

QIAGEN Ingenuity Pathway Analysis (IPA)

Insightful data analysis and interpretation to understand your experimental results within the context of biological systems

QIAGEN OmicSoft Suite

A graphical analytics and visualization tool for ‘omics data analysis offering on-the-spot access to over 500,000 curated, integrated public samples with metadata

Content Exploration and Databases

QIAGEN Ingenuity Pathway Analysis (IPA)

Insightful data analysis and interpretation to understand your experimental results within the context of biological systems

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QIAGEN OmicSoft Land Explorer

Identify and explore contextual data in seconds, featuring an extensive collection of highly curated ‘omics data

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QIAGEN OmicSoft DiseaseLand

Explore datasets of common genetic disease including but not limited to immunological diseases, neurological disorders, metabolic diseases and cardiovascular diseases

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QIAGEN OmicSoft Single Cell Land

Harness the power of deeply-curated scRNA-seq data to accelerate discovery and validation

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QIAGEN OmicSoft OncoLand

An oncology database with integrated visualization software that helps cancer researchers easily explore high-quality public and private cancer genomics datasets

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QIAGEN OmicSoft GeneticsLand

An all-in-one solution for storage, analysis and visualization of genetic data and results

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QIAGEN CLC Genomics Server

A multi-user, enterprise solution for high throughput sequencing analysis, designed for use on a central compute cluster or server

QIAGEN CLC Server Command Line Tools

A client interface for products, allowing cloud-based analyses, workflows, import and export and various other data operations to be run via the command line or included in scripts

QIAGEN CLC Genomics Cloud Engine

Turns biologists into bioinformatics experts by seamlessly integrating the power of Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud computing with QIAGEN CLC Genomic Workbench and QIAGEN CLC Genomics Server