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Let us partner with you by offering a reliable and convenient way to extend your in-house resources with expertise, powerful bioinformatics and custom services that ensure high-quality results. Whether you are a clinical testing lab looking to manage and scale your precision medicine program, or an academic lab searching for deeper insights from your data, QIAGEN has the range of quality services you need to meet your goals for success.

Together we can take your projects to the next level

From insightful data analysis to expert custom content curation to development and optimization of a new pipeline – QIAGEN Digital Insights Services is committed to making your projects soar.

Service Applications:

QIAGEN Discovery Bioinformatics Services

Supporting the life science research and pharma discovery communities through curation, data analysis and custom solutions to accelerate insights, making improvements in life possible

Clinical Analysis and Interpretation Services

Helping clinical testing laboratories leverage the benefits of automation and expert support to improve test turnaround times, enhance clinical reporting capabilities and scale for future growth

“Prior to the automation of [our workflow], we were spending potentially 15 minutes—which is beyond-slow—per report. Now with automation, one lab director can do about 1,000 samples per month and it is not overwhelming . . . We’ve been using QIAGEN for about a year. We are very pleased with how the system works.”


Dr. William G. Kearns
Founder and director of AdvaGenix