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QIAGEN GeneticsLand

Store biobank-scale genome data with GeneticsLand genetics database

Harnesses the power of large-scale genetics for biomedical research

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QIAGEN GeneticsLand genetics database provides an all-in-one solution for storage, analysis and visualization of genetic data and results, including:

  • Data integration via allele standardization (genotype, imputed dose, association result, annotation)
  • Phenotype data (numeric, factor, survival and longitudinal)
  • Multi-level access controls
  • Pre-analysis QC and genotype PCA
  • HPC/cloud-enabled parallel analytics
  • Interactive data and result visualizations
  • Hosted public genetic data and associations

Streamlined data stewardship

Leveraging and integrating with QIAGEN’s bioinformatic tools and pipelines, QIAGEN GeneticsLand genetics database provides your organization with a centralized system for the management, analysis and visualization of your internal, collaboration and public genotype and phenotype data to:

  • Save time and resources in gathering and standardizing data for analysis
  • Improve collaboration and enable data re-use
  • Provide a distributed research and discovery team with fast access to large cross-study data sets
  • Automate parallelization of big analyses


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  • Biobank-scale fast storage
  • Array genotypes (PLINK or VCF)
  • Imputed doses (minimac or IMPUTE)
  • Sequenced genotypes (VCF)
  • Effect allele standardization
  • Phenotype data (numeric, factor, survival & longitudinal)
  • Multi-level access controls (sample, study, variable)
  • Standard exports (VCF or PLINK)
  • Pre-analysis QC & genotype PCA
  • HPC/cloud-enabled parallel analytics
  • Imputation (HAPI-UR/minimac3 or SHAPEIT/IMPUTE2)
  • GWAS (linear, logistic, cox)
  • Variant annotation (context, frequency, associations, effects)
  • SKAT aggregate tests
  • Interactive genotype by phenotype visualizations
  • Interactive QQ, Manhattan, LocusZoom plots
  • Dynamic grouping & filtering
  • Pairwise LD
  • Germline genotypes & phenotypes from TCGA
  • Genetic associations (GRASP & full study results)

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