Learn what’s new in the QIAGEN CLC Genomics version 21 (v21) release


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Learn what’s new in the QIAGEN CLC Genomics version 21 (v21) release

Check out the new features of QIAGEN CLC Genomics

Are you struggling to find a bioinformatics analysis tool that meets your specific research needs? One that is easy-to-use, yet powerful, scalable and flexible? We are excited to announce the launch of QIAGEN CLC Genomics 21.0, packed with new features to help you take your data analysis to the next level. QIAGEN CLC Genomics has solutions for all your sequencing, NGS and ‘omics data analysis needs. Get the features that meet your research goals with our new licensing models developed for this v21 release. Our favorite new features and functions now available in v21 include:

  • Import reads from Illumina BaseSpace or Amazon S3, using the Cloud Plugin
  • Build end-to-end Sanger sequencing workflows, from trace data to consensus alignments: Sanger assemblies can now also be visualized with read wrapping
  • Name workflow outputs automatically based on metadata or batch identifiers

Illumina BaseSpace integration Data stored in Illumina BaseSpace can now be seamlessly imported into the Workbench. To get started, just install the Cloud Plugin. Illumina BaseSpace will then be available to select as an import location.

Sanger workflows Draw end-to-end workflows for the analysis of Sanger reads, starting with on-the-fly import of trace files. If you run the trimming and assembly of forward-reverse Sanger reads in batch mode, the outputs will be named after the batch unit – or you can use advanced custom output naming patterns in workflows to include even more information in the file names. Extract consensus sequences and create alignments within the same workflow. You can now also visualize Sanger assemblies in the wrapped view.

New in the v21 release, QIAGEN CLC Genomics now has three key offerings, with packages ranging from basic (QIAGEN CLC Main Workbench), advanced (QIAGEN CLC Genomics Workbench) and premium (QIAGEN CLC Genomics Workbench Premium), to meet your specific sequence and ‘omics data analysis needs.

QIAGEN CLC Main Workbench: For basic sequencing analysis

  • Primer design
  • Multiple sequence alignment tools
  • Phylogenic analysis tools
  • Sanger sequencing analysis: Workflow enabled with v21
  • Molecular cloning
  • Gene expression analysis
  • 3D molecular modeling
  • Support most sequence formats, including Vector NTI
  • Workflow editor
  • Whole genome alignment: The v21 release includes several improvements to visualizations and functionality to help you more easily gain insights into your microbial genome research. Read more here.

QIAGEN CLC Genomics Workbench: For advanced sequencing analysis

Includes all the features of the QIAGEN CLC Main Workbench, plus:

  • Supports de novo assembly of NGS reads
  • Supports all organisms
  • Resequencing analysis and variant calling
  • Long read analysis (PacBio, Oxford Nanopore): For the v21 release, the Long Read Support plugin now offers full functionality and a range of tools for working with long, error-prone reads, such as the long reads typically produced by PacBio or Oxford Nanopore sequencing technologies.
  • RNA-seq (including miRNA and lncRNA), ChIPseq, DNA methylation
  • Biomedical genomics analyses
  • Haplotype calling: (Expected release: June, 2021) Allows direct import, export and validation of variants and supports phasing information and delivers variant locus, allele variants, haplotype alleles and haplotypes.
  • QIAseq panel analysis workflows
  • Download data stored in your BaseSpace or AWS S3 account using the Cloud Plugin.

QIAGEN CLC Genomics Workbench Premium: Our full-featured solution

Includes all the features of the QIAGEN CLC Genomics Workbench, plus:

QIAGEN CLC Genomics Server: All CLC functionality is also available as enterprise software, which operates on any hardware server. The Genomics Analysis Portal allows sample- and workflow centric views of analyses run on the server.

QIAGEN CLC Genomics Cloud Engine: Run CLC workflows in the cloud on data stored in your BaseSpace or AWS S3 account. Launch workflows from the CLC Genomics Workbench or Server in the cloud using the Cloud Plugin.

Learn more about the applications supported by our portfolio of QIAGEN CLC Genomics solutions, and request a consultation with one of our experts to help you find the right QIAGEN CLC toolset for your research goals.