Enhanced solution for analysis of ccfDNA and hereditary diseases


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Enhanced solution for analysis of ccfDNA and hereditary diseases

Fast, accurate, and easy-to-use solutions encompassing variant identification and interpretation are critical for identifying pathogenic and disease driver variants successfully. To that end, we recently enhanced QIAGEN Bioinformatics’ Advanced Testing Solution, which is comprised of Biomedical Genomics Workbench, Biomedical Genomics Server Solution, and QIAGEN Ingenuity Variant Analysis.

For an even faster identification of disease causing variants in hereditary and rare diseases, we enhanced our one-step TRIO analysis and interpretation workflows. The workflows are now able to automatically set up different optimized analyses to test for all modes of inheritance simultaneously. Combined with our new patient phenotype-driven ranking algorithm, which ranks variants using phenotype-disease associations, the solution is able to save significant time and resources when searching for the cause of the disease.

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We also released a new, one-step workflow for identification of known pathogenic and new potential cancer driver variants from circulating cell-free targeted DNA (ccfDNA). It ensures that no known pathogenic variant is missed, while enabling the very accurate detection of potential new cancer driver variants at a level of 1% and less.

More information about the new ccfDNA solution can be found here.

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