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Transmembrane Helix Prediction always reports no transmembrane regions found

Issue description

From October 2021, the Transmembrane Helix Prediction tool reported no transmembrane regions were found, irrespective of whether the sequence contained such regions. This resulted in a dialog like that shown below.

The location of the underlying service was changed, which led to the problem with Transmembrane Helix Prediction. This also caused problems with Signal Peptide Prediction, which failed with the error ‘Algorithm “Signal peptide prediction (SignalP4)” failed’.


This issue was fixed in SignalP and TMHMM 21.0.1. Please use this or a later version of the plugin.

Affected software

The following plugins are affected, with the problem having started with analyses launched since October 22, 2021

This issue was addressed in SignalP and TMHMM 21.0.1.