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QIAGEN RNA-seq Analysis Portal – miRNA expression value downloads may give wrong CPM value

Issue description

When downloading expression values for QIAseq miRNA Library Kit experiments, the CPM values in the resulting Excel file output may be mixed up between samples such that you get wrong CPM values for some or all samples.

How to spot if your downloaded expression value are affected:

For a particular sample, the ratio between Count and CPM values should be the same for all the listed miRNA features. If this is not the case, this indicates that your file contains the wrong CPM values.

Example of file with correct CPM values – same ratio for all features:

Example of file with incorrect CPM values – different ratios:

The issue only affects the expression value download feature. The differential expression results are not impacted.

Affected software

QIAGEN RNA-seq Analysis Portal 2.0, 2.0.1, 2.5

The issue is fixed with the release of RNA-seq Analysis Portal 2.5.1. in April 2022