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Interquartile range test of the Detect MSI Status tool reports all loci as unstable

Issue description

The interquartile range test used in the Detect MSI Status, distributed with the Biomedical Genomics Analysis 1.1 plugin does not work as intended and if this statistical test is used, all loci will be reported as unstable, regardless of whether they are stable or not.

Please do not select the interquartile range test when using this tool or running workflows that include it, when using an affected software version.

Expected impact

We expect the impact of this issue to be limited. The default test type for the Detect MSI Status tool, including when run within ready-to-use workflows, is “Standard deviation”, which is not affected by this problem.

Affected software

Biomedical Genomics Analysis 1.1 and Biomedical Genomics Analysis Server Plugin 1.1

This issue was fixed in Biomedical Genomics Analysis 1.2.