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The world of genomics is rapidly changing...

We know how to tackle today’s challenges with end-to-end service offerings

Next-generation sequencing (NGS) data is growing exponentially. With it, has come a new set of challenges from data management to integrating diverse data types to giving clinical teams the molecular insights they need to make possible what matters most—improving patient outcomes.

We tailor solutions to make life better—for patients, for providers, for you. 

QIAGEN Clinical Informatics Services provides customized service solutions that enable you to create new business models, whether you want to improve performance, reduce maintenance costs or participate in completely new markets.

From setting up a new NGS pipeline to assay validation and variant curation, we support you globally to drive sustainable growth in a burgeoning genomics world.

Genetic testing lab sees 25-fold scale-up with QIAGEN Clinical Informatics Services

Explore our clinical informatics services portfolio

  • On-demand variant scoring and classification services

       Launch new test offerings faster while scaling your existing variant scientist team.

  • Customized reporting solutions

       Provide unique and differentiated report layouts for brand recognition.

  • Consulting from assay development to production

      Rely on one partner to monitor, develop and train your bioinformatics team.


Services that help you scale for growth

  • API integration and workflow optimization

    Develop flexible test metadata, reporting engine, and custom xml output.

  • Automation for operations at scale

    Automate workflows to reduce human error and test turnaround time.

  • Secondary analysis pipeline optimization

    Standardize sample processing from sequence to variant call.

  • Historical data migration and integration

    Facilitate case reporting automation and reduce test turnaround time.

Clinical content curation services

  • Literature curation for defined tests and indications

    Save time with on-demand curation and variant bibliographies.

  • Writing of gene and variant interpretation summaries

    Provide only relevant reporting information to the ordering physician.

  • Biomarker data and genomics data curation

    Trust QIAGEN’s bioinformatics expertise to cover a variety of use cases.

For more information about QIAGEN Clinical Informatics Services, please contact us directly and provide more information about your needs.