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Bioinformatics Product Portfolio

Research and discovery
QIAGEN Biomedical Knowledge Base

Leading biomedical relationships knowledge to drive innovation, confidently and efficiently.

QCI Interpret Translational

Discover a new software solution for NGS variant annotation, filtering, and triage of human exome sequencing data.

QIAGEN OmicSoft Lands

QIAGEN OmicSoft Land Explorer

Designed to be the quickest and easiest way to access Land data resources.


Accelerate cancer research with OncoLand, an oncology database with integrated visualization software that helps cancer researchers easily explore high-quality public and private cancer genomics datasets.

QIAGEN GeneticsLand

Harness the power of large-scale genetics for biomedical research with our all-in-one-solution for whole genome data management, analysis and annotation.

QIAGEN DiseaseLand

QIAGEN DiseaseLand is a disease-focused public database containing carefully curated data from multiple data types, including single-cell RNA-seq.

QIAGEN OmicSoft Suite

An all-in-one solution for the state-of-the-art storage, analysis, management and visualization of your 'omics data.


A powerful analysis and search tool that uncovers the significance of ‘omics data and identifies new targets or candidate biomarkers within.

QIAGEN CLC Genomics Workbench

QIAGEN CLC Genomics Workbench is a powerful solution for analyzing and visualizing NGS data, incorporating cutting-edge technology and algorithms.

QIAGEN CLC Main Workbench

QIAGEN CLC Main Workbench is a comprehensive analysis package for advanced DNA, RNA, and protein analyses, all wrapped in an intuitive graphical user-interface.

QIAGEN CLC Genomics Server

QIAGEN CLC Genomics Server provides a solution for building and managing a modern and efficient enterprise-wide bioinformatics platform in organizations of any size.


ANNOVAR is an efficient command line Perl program to functionally annotate genetic variants from high-throughput sequencing data.

QIAGEN CLC Microbial Genomics Module

QIAGEN CLC Microbial Genomics Module combines efficient algorithms, interactive visualization, and powerful statistical tools for microbial genomics data analysis.

QIAGEN CLC Genome Finishing Module

QIAGEN CLC Genome Finishing Module is an add-on to QIAGEN CLC Genomics Workbench, designed to accelerate and simplify genome finishing.

CLC Server Command Line Tools

A client interface for CLC Server products, to run server-based analyses, workflows, and various other data operations via the command line or included in scripts.

Selected plugins and modules

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Clinical and translational
QIAGEN Clinical Insight Interpret

QCI Interpret – Hereditary Disease

Software designed to classify and interpret pathogenic variants in hereditary diseases, QCI Interpret taps into the power of the QIAGEN Knowledge Base, the industry’s largest, most up-to-date clinical database with information on over 750,000 human samples.

QCI Interpret – Somatic Cancer

An integrated clinical decision support solution designed specifically for routine somatic cancer testing laboratories assessing NGS data.


HGMD Professional is a unique resource providing comprehensive data on human inherited disease mutations to genetics and genomic research.

Biomedical Genomics Workbench

Accelerate NGS data interpretation and uncover meaningful insights in cancer, hereditary and rare diseases research with Biomedical Genomics Workbench.

QIAGEN Ingenuity Variant Analysis

QIAGEN Ingenuity Variant Analysis combines analytical tools and integrated content to help you rapidly identify and prioritize variants from human sequencing data.

Selected plugins and modules

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