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Reimagine your clinical genomic interpretation with same day, expert variant classification services tailored to your oncology panel


The Every Lab Summit

Interested in offering precision medicine testing in your lab?

Join us on May 20 for the Every Lab Summit. Specifically for small to mid-sized molecular diagnostic labs, this 2-hour virtual event will explore how your team can compete to offer comprehensive genomic profiling services for precision oncology with the same speed, expertise, and confidence of large university centers.

You’ll learn how your lab can analyze and interpret large NGS oncology panels faster. You’ll receive virtual demos of our clinical NGS software. You’ll be eligible for FREE software trials.

Nothing about cancer is simple

But interpreting oncology panels can be

The promise of cancer precision medicine hinges on one key concept: target the right disease with the right treatment for the right patient at the right time.

But getting everything right is easier said than done. Today, pathologists face enormous time pressure and have to examine a staggering amount of information to make treatment decisions, for every single cancer patient. QCI Precision Insights simplifies the process. A professional clinical interpretation service that translates molecular data specific to each patient into clinical insights and therapeutic options, QCI Precision Insights delivers the evidence you need within minutes.

Scale up without extra staffing

With QCI Precision Insights, you can reduce test turnaround time by 85-90%—regardless of panel size. 

Powered by a world-class team of molecular biologists and oncologists, QCI Precision Insights delivers concise clinical evidence for each biomarker in the context of the cancer sub-type, listing information on the mutation’s molecular characteristics, roles in disease, and therapeutic, prognostic, and diagnostic implications.

You receive a ready to use expert-assembled report content with detailed assessments of variants, written summaries of evidence with references, treatments, and geographically matched clinical trials. 

Provide patient-specific reports to your oncologists in a fraction of the time with greater confidence

Over 200,000 tumor samples interpreted 
Accelerate test turnaround time

Submit your variant list to QCI Precision Insights and receive customized, oncologist-reviewed, variant-specific content within minutes.

Receive up-to-date insights

Deliver reports with expert summaries of the latest biological, diagnostic, prognostic, and therapeutic evidence in context of the tumor profile, treatment, and regional clinical trials.

Leave the heavy-lifting to us

For rare or novel variants, enlist QIAGEN’s expert MD and PhD variant scientist team to perform the in-depth research, curation and interpretation for you.

View a QCI Precision Insights sample report here.
On-demand webinar

Accurate and efficient interpretation with QCI Precision Insights

Standard sequencing panels are growing, drugs are covering more targets and pathways, and scientific and clinical literature is amassing exponentially, presenting significant challenges to laboratory directors and clinicians who need to understand the implications of the test results. 

Find out how QCI Precision Insights delivers reports that include diagnostic and prognostic information, therapeutic options, and clinical trials based on the unique combination of genomic alterations detected in each case and WHO, ESMO, and ELN guidelines.

Hear from Dr. Beate Litzenbuger, Global Product Director of Oncology and Dr. Sheryl Krevsky Elkin, Chief Scientific Officer at N-of-One, a QIAGEN company, as they discuss the value of QCI Precision Insights.

Let us handle
your clinical

Request a free, no-obligation consultation with a QCI Precision Insights expert to learn more about the service. Start sending us your clinical NGS data today.

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