NGS Survey 2014


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NGS Survey 2014

Our 2014 survey on the NGS market was completed by 529 respondents and provides a good summary of the current NGS market, while also drawing comparisons with results from previous years.

The results mentioned here are only a preview of the findings. You can sign up for the complete report at the bottom of the page.

Who was part of the survey?

The survey was distributed through our newsletter and twitter and thereby the respondents represent a broad range of the NGS community. Again, the academic community has been dominating this survey and 66.2% of all the respondents are working in academic organizations, a decrease of 2% from last year.

Most popular applications

55.3% are working with RNA-Seq expression analysis, which makes it the most popular application, closely followed by De novo sequencing. Whole genome sequencing come in third, a decrease from being the most popular application last year.

Get all the results

The summary mentioned here is just a sneak peek. You can find all the results, see how Illumina is still dominating the NGS technologies market, follow the rise of in-house NGS instruments, and much more in the PDF reporting the complete set of results.

If you’d like a copy of the complete survey report, please sign up here.


The winners are…

Thanks to all who participated in the survey – we really appreciate it!

Everyone who completed the survey were entered into a draw for an iPhone 6 and an iPad. The lucky winners are:

iPhone 6: To be announced.

iPad: Eva Gentner, Ulm University.


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