Analyze whole genome sequencing samples at the speed of light


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Analyze whole genome sequencing samples at the speed of light

Introducing a new way to improve bioinformatics efficiency in your high-throughput NGS setting

It’s exciting that advancements in high-throughput sequencing techniques and analysis enable us to generate whole genome (WGS) and whole exome (WES) data in bulk for many species, including humans. With new machines and chemistries, the cost of sequencing has decreased significantly. However, the total cost of ownership associated with bioinformatic analysis of the resulting files remains a bottleneck (1).

Whether you run a genome center, testing facility, core lab or provide sequencing services, you’ve got to deliver variant call files (VCFs) at an unbeatable price and with consistent quality and turnaround time, even at peak demand. Your customers, as well as your business, depend on it. Many high-speed NGS analysis solutions require purchasing expensive, highly specialized hardware, massive computers or large cloud computing contracts. The requirement for fast and consistent turnaround times, also at peak demand, can quickly translate into a need for more personnel, more processing power—and more investment. How do you keep costs down yet deliver quality results with quick turnaround in a world of shrinking budgets?

More investment in your bioinformatics infrastructure? Nope—now you don’t have to

What if there were a scalable, point-and-click solution that could handle all your WGS, WES and large panel data analysis needs without having to purchase vast amounts of specialized infrastructure? A software that could run with a GUI and be used by anyone with minimal training? What if you didn’t have to compromise between speed and quality?

Introducing a better, faster, cheaper and more flexible tool for WGS and WES analyses

Our all-in-one NGS bioinformatics software QIAGEN CLC Genomics Workbench Premium now offers you a faster, more accurate, more flexible and more affordable way to process WGS and WES files in bulk. This is made possible via QIAGEN CLC LightSpeed Module, which enables an ultra-fast and accurate FASTQ to VCF pipeline for hereditary germline mutation analysis.

What’s more, you’ll enjoy full flexibility. Our QIAGEN CLC Genomics Workbench Premium can process data from any sample, any panel and any species and run your analyses on a laptop, desktop, server or the cloud without depending on any new or specialized hardware.

Reduce cost with speed: Accelerate WGS secondary analysis down to just 25 mins

For certain licenses, you only pay an annual fee for software access, allowing you to run (and re-run) as many samples as you need.​ And because of our ultra-fast FASTQ to VCF pipeline, you can get more analyses done in less time. This translates into lower analysis costs, both for on-premise and cloud deployment.

In our recent benchmark study, we showed that using our ultra-fast QIAGEN CLC LightSpeed technology our FASTQ to VCF hereditary workflow analyzes 34x human WGS samples in just 25 minutes, whereas a QIAseq Exome v3 50x sample takes just 90 seconds. When run in Amazon Web Services (AWS), the incurred computing costs were about $1 per WGS and a few cents per WES. There is no other technology that can process WGS or WES this fast—or as cost-efficient.

With demonstrated high accuracy and reproducibility, and built on a scalable bioinformatics analysis platform, QIAGEN CLC LightSpeed technology will revolutionize your ability to perform high-volume whole genome sequencing.

A software that’s ‘cheaper than free’

QIAGEN CLC Genomics Workbench Premium is an NGS analysis software your core lab can’t do without. It enables you to deliver ultra-fast sequencing analysis results while controlling your costs. It does this by saving your lab time, processing capacity and energy, so you can provide affordable services. You’ll also enjoy a variety of specialized tools for all your sequencing needs. The CLC platform software QIAGEN CLC Genomics Server and QIAGEN CLC Genomics Cloud Module help you to build the scalable bioinformatics analysis architecture you need to offer a high-throughput genomics analysis service at affordable prices. In addition, our  QIAGEN CLC Genomics platform is fully supported with tutorials and documentation, an excellent team of customer support professionals and dedicated trainers to ensure you have the support you need to perform your analyses. These advantages result in reduced total cost of ownership and are far cheaper than maintaining your current setup. Therefore transitioning to QIAGEN CLC Genomics Workbench Premium is a switch you’ll quickly discover is ‘cheaper than free’.

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