Launch of QIAGEN Clinical Insight


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Launch of QIAGEN Clinical Insight

QIAGEN Clinical Insight is an integrated clinical decision support solution designed specifically for routine genomic testing laboratories assessing next-generation sequencing (NGS) data.

QIAGEN® Clinical Insight

With QIAGEN Clinical Insight (QCI™) you can annotate, interpret and report NGS variants in the context of over 5 million relevant biomedical findings while building your own internal experiential knowledge base. QCI allows you to minimize complexity, time, and cost associated with determining clinical significance and action-ability of NGS variants.

Make complexity manageable

The QCI Interpret platform replaces your complex and tedious NGS variant research with a scalable interpretation workflow alternative. QCI can help clinical laboratories interpret co-occurring alterations such as fusions, gene amplifications and deletions, and copy number changes:

  • Reduce the time, costs, and complexity associated with NGS tests, increasing NGS interpretation throughput
  • Remove treatment and trial matches that are contraindicated given multiple co-occurring variants reported in the tumor
  • Improve ability to identify disease causing variants and assess their actionablity to increase treatment and clinical-trial matching
  • Build your own private, experience-based database with each variant assessed and reported

Reveal the clinical significance in NGS variants

QCI Interpret offers the most comprehensive content available for biomedical findings on somatic cancer in one easy-to-use user interface. Now with access to over 5 million biomedical findings, QCI is an interpretation productivity tool that helps identify actionable variants fast:

  • Literature references are curated and shown at variant-, gene-, and indication-specific levels
  • Clinical case counts and functional studies with clickable hyperlinks direct to source materials
  • Computed variant classification based on professional guidelines allows focus on actionability content from drug labels, and clinical trials
  • Configurable report drafting with bibliographic reference citations included

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