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Offer for current users of the Alissa Clinical Informatics Platform

Looking for a clinical bioinformatics platform that ensures long-term support and reliability?

Make the switch to QCI Interpret, the industry's most trusted clinical bioinformatics platform—used to analyze and interpret more than 3.5 million NGS patient test cases worldwide.

Why should your lab switch to QCI Interpret?


With over 3.5 million NGS patient test cases analyzed and interpreted worldwide, QCI Interpret is one of the most widely used and universally respected platforms for efficiently accessing clinical evidence to support confident decision-making in genetic testing.


QCI Interpret is currently growing at 35% or 700,000 additional cases per annum, outperforming other commercial offerings by a factor 5 in terms of patient cases.


Receive dedicated support from our Field Application Scientist team, who is highly specialized in the field of clinical genetics, to help you onboard, customize, and scale your new platform and pipeline.

What are our customers saying?

Christer Ericcson, PhD
Christer Ericcson, PhD Chief Scientific Officer, iCellate Medical AB
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“Current and future cancer patients, and the healthcare systems, need the fastest possible responsible realization of the promise of personalized cancer medicine. iCellate’s implementation of novel biologically based cancer sample types and cancer tests are empowered by interfacing with QIAGEN’s powerful clinical decision support software QIAGEN Clinical Insight (QCI) Interpret.”
Miguel Ángel Molina Vila, PhD
Miguel Ángel Molina Vila, PhDTechnical Director, Laboratory of Oncology, Hospital Quirón Dexeus, Pangaea Oncology
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“The Molecular Oncology lab needs to deliver reliable patient reports, clearly identifying clinically relevant genetic alterations. QCI Interpret is an invaluable tool to achieve this aim.”
Hiroyuki Mano, MD, PhD
Hiroyuki Mano, MD, PhDDirector of C-CAT, National Cancer Center of Japan
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"The Center for Cancer Genomics and Advanced Therapeutics (C-CAT) and our network of hospitals will use the QCI solution because of the breadth and depth of its professionally curated knowledge base, the ability to match patients with approved treatments or clinical trials and QIAGEN’s customization of its QCI solution for C-CAT’s specific needs."
Stan Letovsky, PhD
Stan Letovsky, PhDVice President of Data Sciences and Bioinformatics, LabCorp
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"Pairing [HGMD Professional] with QIAGEN's automated and scalable informatics framework facilitates our day-to-day secondary and tertiary bioinformatics analyses, and will help improve the quality of care for patients."

QCI Interpret: Advance your variant interpretation and reporting

QCI Interpret is clinical decision support software that combines the unmatched accuracy and consistency of QIAGEN’s proprietary expert (MD/PhD) curation with the superior efficiency of machine curation (AI-powered curation) to enable high-confidence variant interpretation and reporting. Advanced features enable clinical diagnostic labs to rapidly identify pathogenic variants, improve diagnostic yields, and reduce turnaround times.

Agnostic - The flexible software is platform- and sequencer-agnostic to provide an end-to-end VCF to report solution.

Advanced curation - The software provides AI-derived literature references for thousands of additional genes in the clinical genome to supplement QIAGEN’s expert, human-certified curation.

AI-enabled - The software uses AI-trained phenotype-driven ranking, in which an algorithm uses observed patient phenotypes to prioritize diseases and genes to expedite causal-variant discovery.

Automated - The software automatically and transparently computes ACMG/AMP variant classifications with evidence to trigger all 28 criteria.

Accurate reporting - Users can quickly generate custom, patient-specific reports with the latest diagnostic, prognostic, and therapeutic information.

Annual releases - QCI Interpret is continuously updated and optimized with annual software releases that ensure long-term performance and usability.

QCI Interpret vs. HGMD Professional

If you are a current user of HGMD Professional, enhance your workflow by upgrading to QCI Interpret. The software provides more features, greater functionality and even richer content for accurate and efficient variant interpretation and reporting.

VCF to Report - QCI Interpret provides an integrated and automated workflow from VCF to final report.

Automated variant classification - QCI Interpret returns evidence categorized into one of the 28 defined criteria set forth by the ACMG/AMP guidelines and assigns a calculated strength of the evidence.

Comprehensive curation - QCI Interpret provides deeper evidence curation, including clinical professional guidelines, clinical and genomic studies, and clinical trials and therapies.


How QCI Interpret helps labs close the clinical exome gap

Eager to learn more? Attend our expert webinar on October 19, 2023, for a live demonstraton of the unique features in QCI Interpret. Plus, learn about QCI Interpret’s new AI bibliography content that provides expanded clinical exome coverage.

Ready to switch to QCI Interpret?

We understand the challenge of selecting and onboarding a new clinical informatics platform to replace your Alissa software. However, QCI Interpret offers the same features of Alissa, but provides deeper and richer content to support confident variant interpretation and reporting.

Take the first step. Our dedicated support team is ready to show you how QCI Interpret can not only replace your Alissa platform, but take your variant interpretation and reporting pipeline to the next level.