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Accelerate clinical NGS test turnaround time

QCI Interpret One enables clinical labs to speed up variant interpretation through automatable workflows and integrated curation and interpretation services.

Decision-ready interpretations at your fingertips

QCI Interpret One instantly delivers concise oncologist-reviewed evidence for each biomarker in the context of the cancer sub-type, listing information on the mutation’s molecular characteristics, roles in disease, and therapeutic, prognostic, and diagnostic implications.

Saving you significant time by eliminating the need for manual curation and providing you with over 170,000 decision-ready interpretive comments for your reports, QCI Interpret One helps you accelerate test turnaround time and increase caseload volume.

Configurable and automatable workflows

Reduce hands-on time with configurable and automatable NGS interpretation workflows in QCI Interpret One. You can access preconfigured, ready-to-use workflows for commercial panels, including:

    • Illumina TruSight™ Oncology 500
    • Illumina TruSight™ Tumor 170
    • AmpliSeq  Myeloid Panel

Plus, the software lets you customize your lab’s specific reporting policies to automate variant reporting and drug and trial selection. You can also leverage a feature-rich API to integrate with your LIMS to scale-up your case processing.


On-demand clinical curation and interpretation services

Leave the heavy-lifting to QIAGEN. QCI Interpret One gives you immediate access to over 170,000 decision-ready interpretive comments, and you can submit your variants to QIAGEN to receive customized, oncologist-reviewed interpretations and summary comments for every clinically relevant variant detected.

An ideal solution for labs working with rare or novel variants, QCI Interpret One’s on-demand clinical curation and interpretation services does the research, curation, and interpretation for you, replacing labor intensive processes with automated simplicity. Any somatic NGS panel can be submitted, and depending on size and complexity, results can be returned within hours.

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