New Release: COSMIC v97 and Actionability v7 Now Available


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New Release: COSMIC v97 and Actionability v7 Now Available

New content, clinical trials, and analysis categories added to the world’s largest expert-curated somatic mutation database

The latest release of COSMIC, the Catalogue of Somatic Mutations in Cancer, is now available. In the new update, referred to as v97, there is also a new release of COSMIC Actionability (v7). With the two releases, the world’s largest expert-curated somatic mutation database focuses on blood cancer curation and adds new content, clinical trials, and categories for assessing patient responses in clinical trials.

Here, we provide a summary of the release highlights.


What’s new in the COSMIC v97 release

Every four months, COSMIC content and features are updated by the Wellcome Sanger Institute to ensure the database contains the latest findings and evidence. Over the last 5 releases (15 months), COSMIC has increased the number of genomic mutations by over 15%. Here is what’s new in the COSMIC v97 release.


Key COSMIC v97 release updates
  • Focus on blood cancer curation – The v97 release brings a focus on expert-curated mutation data for blood tumors. The release adds 76 blood cancer publications, over 2,600 curated blood cancer samples, and 24,356 new variants added from these samples. Release v97 also incorporates 9 new blood tumor types into COSMIC.
  • Gene drug pairs added for website visualization – The following gene-drug pairs have been added to COSMIC v97:
    • NT5C2 – purine Unique samples – 57, Unique Mutation – 81
    • FGFR2 – BGJ398 Unique samples – 9, Unique Mutation – 29
    • FGFR2 – pemigatinib Unique samples – 8, Unique Mutation – 6
  • Cancer Mutation Census data has been updated – COSMIC v97 brings updates to the Cancer Mutation Census data, ClinVar dataset, and gnomAD exome and genome frequencies.


Key COSMIC v97 release stats
  • 23,443,841

Total genomic variants

  • 1,515,965

Total patient samples

*Of this, 41,161 are whole genome samples

  • 28,880

Curated papers

→ View the full COSMIC v97 release notes here.



What’s new in the COSMIC Actionability v7 release?

COSMIC Actionability delivers the latest data on the availability and development of drugs targeting specific somatic mutations in cancer. Actionability covers clinically relevant mutations and alteration types in relevant genes for some of the most frequently sequenced cancer types such as lung, breast, melanoma, ovarian, and colon cancer. Here is what’s new in the Actionability v7 release.


Key Actionability v7 release updates
  • Addition of 11 fully curated genes – Genes CD274 (PD-L1), HRAS, MAP2K1 (MEK1), AR, GNA11, GNAQ, SMAD4, TSC1, DDR2, ETV6, FOXL2 have been added. This brings the total to 72 fully curated genes in COSMIC Actionability.
  • New category added for analyzing patient responses in clinical trials – From Actionability v7 onward, the download file contains a new category: “Expressed/Not”. This is to help users compare patients that express a protein to those that don’t; or to help users compare patients with high expression with those with low expression.
  • Addition of clinical trials in Australia and New Zealand – Actionability v7 includes the addition of a new data source: the Australian New Zealand Clinical Trials Registry (ANZCTR).


Key Actionability v7 release updates
  • 72

Fully curated genes

*In total, there are 311 genes included

  • 734

Total variants included

  • 9,021

Total clinical trials

*Of this, 3,756 clinical trials have results


View the full Actionability v7 release notes here.


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