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Solve the complexity of cancer research

Are you in pursuit of the answers that lead to breakthroughs in cancer research? Our widely adopted and comprehensive analysis-to-insight solution leaves no answer uncovered. Realize success today with the solution that delivers unsurpassed accuracy and speed for the confident resolution of complex cases, helping you make strides in the fight against cancer.

See the whole picture

Cancer is a complex disease that is as diverse across a population as it may be within an individual. Solving this complexity requires a comprehensive analysis and interpretation platform that leads you to the rapid identification of a causal set of driver mutations and pathways. Apply the solution that has been cited in more than 5,000 scientific journals, boasts 15+ years of expert curation, and a wealth of mutation analysis options from CNV detection to protein visualization in 3D for the peace of mind that enables you to move forward and discover more.

Trust in your results

The accuracy of your NGS solution determines the limits of your discovery. Our streamlined and integrated analysis-to-insight solution delivers high accuracy down to 1% allele frequency for variant detection in tumor subclones, liquid biopsies, and other precious tissue samples.

Solve more cases

Get results faster by spending more time on the most promising leads while holding down costs with our user-friendly, integrated, and comprehensive solution that provides a suite of tools for easy visualization, validation, analysis and more.

With Biomedical Genomics Workbench and Ingenuity Variant Analysis' one step TRIO workflow we were able to identify the disease causing variant directly in our whole exome sequencing TRIO family. As there were no additional, non-disease causing candidates to filter out, the time to result and the manual hands on time could be reduced by more than 50% in comparison to our standard workflow.

Dr. Andreas Rump,
University Hospital Dresden, Germany

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